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Fic: Flying and Flocking (Twilight, Rosalie/Leah, R)

I tried to post this here months ago, but for some reason, it didn't go through. We'll see if it does this time, I guess. Yay!

Title: Flying and Flocking
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Rosalie/Leah
Rating: R, for strong language and mild sexuality
Word Count: ~22,800 total
Summary: Rosalie does not simply move through the forest, she is a part of it, and it suits her in the strange way that it suits Leah. How two lonely, broken, wild things of the woods connect with each other and rediscover their humanity.
Author's Notes: God, this fic. I love this fic. Here are my original author's notes, with the fic originally posted here on AO3: Endless thank-yous to my betas damkianna and masagoroll for their absolutely invaluable help. The title is from one of the tracks on Zoe Keating's beautiful instrumental album "Into The Trees." I did not write a word of "Flying and Flocking" without this CD playing, and thus it really helped shape the mood of the story. You may want to track it down for yourself to listen to as you read. There are a few background pairings, both implicit and explicit, drawn from where the canon stands (or seems to stand) at the end of Breaking Dawn, so keep that in mind. All characterizations and past events are meant to be canon-compliant. Lovely complementary artwork is here!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Tags: fanfiction, leah, rosalie
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