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Sort Of Awesome

The Jacob/Bella Off Topic Community

Sort of Awesome
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This is Sort of Awesome, sister community to Sort of Beautiful. We're an off topic haven where fans of Jacob/Bella can chill, relax, and discuss things not related to Jacob, Bella, or Twilight. So bring your sense of humor, your useless information, or your bacon and stop on in. We don't bite...hard.

1. Off topic posts are okay, but remember this is not your personal journal.
2. Use courtesy, please. Wank, drama, and other such annoyances will not be tolerated.
3. Actor hate = not cool. If you don't have anything nice to say...
4. Mods reserve the right to delete posts we feel are too random, repetitive, or annoying.

Sort of Beautiful or Sort of Awesome?

1. Anything that can be posted at Sort of Beautiful is to be posted there and there only.
2. Anything relating to Taylor or Kristen belongs at Sort of Beautiful unless it's about Rob and Kristen's forever love in which case it belongs at Sort of Awesome. Or in the fiery pits of hell.
3. Major series news belongs at Sort of Beautiful (eg. casting decisions, a new director, Stephen King organizes a Breaking Dawn book burning, Smeyer is writing a sequel about Renesmee brb killing myself).
4. Rants about J/B or Taylor or Kristen hate belong at Sort of Awesome. Use your discretion - if Jennifer Love Hewitt makes more amusing comments about our alien status, the wider J/B population needs to know, so Sort of Beautiful is the place. However, if cullenluvr69 is saying Bella never loved Jacob and anyway Taylor is on roids, vent at Sort of Awesome. Note - Posts starting personal wars are not acceptable in either community.